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I’ve been interested in sports for most of my life, so it may not come as a surprise that I started betting on sports games as soon as I turned eighteen and could legally do so. I do it because I think it makes the sports events much more thrilling to watch. It’s like adding an extra element of excitement and makes every game much more interesting. Sports betting is of course one of the most popular forms of gambling, and people have been betting on sports for over a hundred years, and in this article I wanted to type down my three favorite tips when it comes to getting successful in sports betting.


I have never heard of anyone who’s ever become a successful better by going solely on his gut feel. You often hear about people who seems to never loose, and you immediately think the he must really have a “feel” for the game. Well, that feel is really just knowledge, and that’s what it all comes down to when you break it down. The player who knows the most about the games he bets on is also the player that will make the most profit in the long run. Therefore it’s important to carefully take every factor in consideration before you decide to place a bet on a sports game. You can watch sites such as Pronostico Quiniela in order to find out more information on how to properly analyze a game.

Choose the best bonuses

A lot of things are important to consider when you choose an online sportsbook, but the most important factor by far is the bonuses and promotions that the sportsbook can offer you. With so many different sportsbooks around these days, you might as well pick the best ones offering the highest bonuses. Bonuses are after all free money that you can use to make real money, and who says no to that? Visit where you can find tons of different bookmakers offering good bonuses to their customers.

Don’t try to win back your losses

The most common mistake that punters make when they lose a series of bets is that they quickly want to make up for what they’ve lost. The bad thing about this is that sports betting was never about being quick. It’s much more important to be right than quick. When you are quickly making decisions in order to win back lost money, you are bound to make more mistake than normally, meaning you will probably end up losing even more money. You can find a lot of information about this subject on betting portals like Apuestas Deportivas, which is a Spanish betting central that has become very popular in recent years.

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